Exit Planning

Lewin & Gavino takes an active role in the growth and development of our clients’ businesses. As a Certified Exit Planning Advisor, we assist our clients in taking their businesses from successful to significant. 

A Certified Exit Planning Advisor can help an owner….

  • Understand the value of their business, both tangible and intangible
  • Determine how ready and attractive their company is currently
  • Identify the owner’s three gaps (value, wealth, profit)
  • Identify the Range of Value of an owner’s company. What is it worth today and what is it potentially worth
  • Understand their exit options and how they apply to their company and exit goals
  • Better understand their personal vision and personal financial needs
  • Align their business, personal and financial goals
  • Create, deliver and maintain 90-day action plans helping an owner de-risk their business and grow value
  • Bring the advisory team together, and the owner's internal team together, to work towards common goals and better collaborate

Additionally, we help business owners provide strong employee and executive benefits that aid in the recruitment and retention of key management and employees while solving reverse discrimination issues in benefits structures.

Our professional team offers complete solutions for businesses including:

  • Employee Benefits Insurances
  • Supplemental Benefits for Executives and Management
  • Executive Benefits
  • Estate Planning
  • Individual Life, Disability, and Long Term Care
  • Buy/Sell Agreement Funding
  • Business Overhead Insurance
  • Corporate Wellness & Financial Seminars

What Is Our Process?

At Lewin & Gavino our process is to:

  • Learn and identify your present and future needs
  • Review your existing plans
  • Present our recommendations to you
  • Decide with you on the most suitable course of action
  • Implement your decisions
  • Review your plan periodically
  • Above all, provide you with unparalleled service

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