Medicare & Senior Risk Planning

Making Medicare Clear & Easy

Whether you are turning 65, disabled, a veteran, or coming off an employer group plan, chances are you are about to learn the complexities of the Medicare system. At Lewin & Gavino, our aim is to make Medicare and your options easy to understand. You don’t have to be an expert because we do the research for you.

We offer assistance with Medigap (also known as Medicare Supplements), Medicare Advantage plans, and Medicare Part D Plans through top rated insurance companies. We can also offer financial protection against potential surprise expenses Medicare doesn’t cover.

As us how you can:

  • Protect your family from the burden of end of life expenses
  • Leave a legacy for your grandchildren
  • Avoid unexpected hospital bills arising from an observation visit
  • Cover expenses arising from a critical illness not covered by insurance
  • Protect your choice of the quality of care and where to receive long term care services

Call us today at 201-659-7170 for a no fee consultation. We are ready to assist you with your financial needs in retirement.


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